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Microsoft Outlook Auto-Forwarding Issues

Recently, Outlook implemented some changes to the way they handle spam, which has affected auto-forwarding. These changes have been rolled out slowly to various customers. The impact of this is that, in some cases, it has broken auto-forwarding functionality.

How To Recognize:

If you receive an email from Microsoft Outlook with a title similar to Undeliverable: {Subject} this can indicate a failed auto-forward. Inside the message, you may see something simiilar to the following note:

Diagnostic information for administrators:

Generating server:


Remote Server returned '550 X.X.XXX Access denied, Your organization does not allow external forwarding. Please contact your administrator for further assistance. AS(7555)'

If you see this note, likely you have been impacted by these changes, or there is some similar auto-forwarding issue occurring within your Outlook Settings.

How To Resolve

Please note that HubTran cannot fix this issue for you directly.

If you have not already done such, report this to your Email Administrators. If you do not have specific Email Administrators or an IT department, reach out to Outlook support directly. Your administrators or Outlook support should be able to guide you through re-enabling auto-forwarding (or do it themselves).

In some cases our customers have had success re-enabling auto-forwarding by updating their Anti-Spam settings in their Office 365 Security and Compliance page. In this page they have created a new Outbound Policy with the following rules:

Applied to:

 -if the message is received from your outgoing address (where you're forwarding from)

-apply hosted outbound spam filter policy: (name of policy)

Restrict sending to external recipients (per hour): 0
Restrict sending to internal recipients (per hour): 0

Maximum recipient limit per day: 0

Over limit action: Restrict the user from sending mail till the following day

Automatic Forwarding: On

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